Heirloom Hourglass

About Us:

Like most people, the time we spend with friends and family is very important to us, and we find ourselves looking back on those moments and wishing to hold on to them. The short amount of time we spend vacationing each year is when we create the fondest memories and visit beautiful places we may never see again. When we think back on the Weddings, Anniversaries, trips to the beach, the first time we saw the Ocean……We realize that these moments are all a unique combination of the time, the circumstances, the people, and the place that can never be recreated. How best to mark these moments in our lifetime?

Bring Your “Once In A Lifetime” Home!

Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

The first Cruise we ever took helped us to answer this question. Standing on Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island, The Bahamas for the first time is quite an experience for a couple from Upstate New York. Watching the sea-green sets roll in with a warm breeze and the distant sun out there on the endless horizon at a place like this creates one of those moments when you would like time to stand still. It’s a moment one would like to have a fitting way to look back on from many years ahead in the future, and it’s a moment one would like to share with others for generations to come – this was the inspiration for the Fillable Hourglass, The Original Wedding Sand Ceremony Hourglass and The Heirloom Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony.

Jeff & Stephanie Allen
Heirloom Hourglass Owners

The Hourglass is the ultimate symbol of the passage of time - but inside your Heirloom Hourglass, time stands still. By personally filling an Heirloom Hourglass with sand or something meaningful to you, you are creating an heirloom that represents a single moment in your lifetime that will tell the story of that unique occasion for generations to come. For all those looking for a gift that will be cherished, a family heirloom, a new tradition, or just a truly meaningful way to mark special travels or events in your life, Heirloom Hourglass was designed with you in mind by people that know how you feel.

Jeff & Stephanie Allen
Married August 21, 2004