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Heirloom Hourglass - The Sand Castle

The Sandcastle from Heirloom Hourglass is ideal for storing and displaying your prized sand specimens. Fill your hourglass with green-hued olivine crystal sands, white gypsum sands, star sands, or any sands from the Earth’s natural and beautiful places. If you have ever brought sand home with you or traded sand with others from unique places like Great Sand Dunes National Park, Fraser Island, The Great Wall of China, The Sphinx, and other special places, you undoubtedly have considered storing them in an hourglass, and now you can! The Sandcastle hourglass is made from solid maple hardwood bases and cherry hardwood rope shaped pillars that are expertly finished with a dark, mahogany-hued stain. It is completed with a solid pewter anchor shaped closure that gives the hourglass a rich, nautical look. A collection kit is included that contains everything you need to gather your sands, fill your hourglass, and record important information about your sand specimen. Customize your hourglass by choosing from a variety of custom closures found in this section.

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