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Heirloom Hourglass - The Equestrian

The Equestrian from Heirloom Hourglass is perfect for the horse lover on your gift list. This beautiful hourglass is designed to hold the sands or soils from a place or places with special symbolic meaning to you. The unique design of the hourglass closures is made to celebrate the traditions of excellence that come from horseracing, polo, and owning horses. But it is the underlying mystique of wild horses and a deep appreciation of these majestic creatures and what they symbolize that is the true inspiration for this design and this Heirloom Hourglass. The Equestrian is made from solid American black walnut that is finished to a beautiful and bold glossy sheen. We offer the elegant horse and horseshoe closure shown in the photo, and a classic racehorse closure, both made from fine pewter. Any standard size Heirloom Hourglass can be customized with either or both of these closures. Fill The Equestrian hourglass from either side with sands or soils from a place with special meaning to you, or from a place like Cumberland Island, where wild horses still run free. A collection kit is included. This unique sand ceremony hourglass is the perfect addition to a wedding unity sand ceremony, family unity ceremony, or vow renewal ceremony. It is the perfect alternative to the unity candle for an outdoor wedding sand ceremony, destination beach wedding sand ceremony, or an inside wedding where a candle cannot be lit.  It also makes the perfect heartfelt gift for any occasion.

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