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Heirloom Hourglass - The New Englander

Capture a moment, preserve your memories, and create a family heirloom with an Heirloom Hourglass inspired by New England, a region steeped in history, heritage, culture, and natural beauty. Splendor abounds from the gold coast of Connecticut to the majestic lighthouses of Maine, and The New Englander is a tribute to the rich nautical history and cultural diversity of this charming region. Whether your travels take you to the Green Mountains of Vermont, the shores of Cape Cod, the Ocean State of Rhode Island, the coastal gems of Maine, the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, or the Mystic Seaport of Connecticut, you will surely make some once in a lifetime moments. The New Englander can be filled with the sands or soils you collect from these places, making this handcrafted beauty a treasured keepsake that will become a focal point wherever you display it. In keeping with the New England tradition of craftsmanship, we create this hourglass for you with care from the finest materials: soapstone, mahogany, solid pewter, and hand blown glass. The soapstone bases display a striking shade of steel blue highlighted by shimmering flecks of quartz, and the blue gray hues of the stone combine with the deep redburgundy wood grains of the mahogany pillars for a color palette of true New England style. Light reflects richly from the sweeping curves of the rope shaped pillars, creating a dramatic aura of tradition and elegance. The fine pewter ship wheels allow you to easily open and close your hourglass from either side, and they serve as a tribute to the nautical heritage of the New England region. Perfect as a gift, or for a romantic New England Wedding Sand Ceremony, The New Englander can be customized and personalized just for your special occasion. A collection kit is included. This unique sand ceremony hourglass is the perfect addition to a wedding unity sand ceremony, family unity ceremony, or vow renewal ceremony. It is the perfect alternative to the unity candle for an outdoor wedding sand ceremony, destination beach wedding sand ceremony, or an inside wedding where a candle cannot be lit.  It also makes the perfect heartfelt gift for any occasion.

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