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Hourglass Base Engraving Service

Hourglass Base Engraving Service (One side only per hourglass. Hourglass not included, Must also be purchased.) Available on any Full Size Hourglass made using any type of wood for the bases. Not available on any Full Size model made with any other material other than wood (Granite, Gemstone, etc.) or any Small Size Hourglass model. Have your names, wedding date, or special message engraved right into the wood on one of the bases of your Heirloom Hourglass!  When you include this service, the Heirloom Hourglass you purchase will come with the closure that is standard on the model you have selected or the custom closure you have selected to purchase instead on one side, and your engraved message on the other.  Example: When you purchase The Caladesi model Heirloom Hourglass, it comes standard with a solid pewter ship wheel on each side. If you select the Hourglass Base Engraving Service, your Caladesi will be shipped to you with a pewter ship wheel or the custom closure you have selected to purchase instead on one side, and your engraved message on the other. Shown in the photo is The Legacy Heirloom Hourglass with a message engraved on one of the bases. The Legacy is made from all Black Walnut wood. This is just an example – if you purchase a white hourglass, your entire hourglass will be white with one base engraved. Whatever species of wood the hourglass you choose is made out of is what will be engraved on. This service is purchased separately from the hourglass and all other products. When you choose this service, your Heirloom Hourglass will be fillable from one side only. 
Engraving: There is room on the hourglass base for approximately 30 characters including spaces per line and up to 8 lines. The less text you use, the larger we will make it, and the better it will show up. Please send us what you would like engraved to After you complete your order, you will receive an order confirmation from us showing you how your engraving will be set up.
Font Styles: Please Click Here for available Fonts. After you have viewed the font styles available, please select the one you want from the drop down menu below. 
Ideas: Customize your hourglass with a custom closure on one side (we offer over 80 closure styles), and then have the base on the opposite side engraved with your message. We also offer many engraveable custom closures, so you can use a short message on the closure, and then a longer message on the opposite base. When choosing your engraving, consider using some ideas from your wedding ceremony, such as hymns, verses, poems, readings, and more. You could even use some text from your wedding invitations. Using your names, wedding date, and location of your wedding is also a popular choice. A message about the contents of your Heirloom Hourglass and what the sands symbolize can also be especially meaningful. Please Note: If you purchasing The Wedding Day hourglass model or any other model that comes with 2 different closures. Please advise us which closure you would like your hourglass to come with in the “Instructions to Seller” section when placing your order or via email at

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