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Heirloom Hourglass - The Diamond - Platinum or Gold
The Diamond. Genuine Quartz Crystal Set in Platinum or Set in Gold  Click Here To View The Diamond Set in Gold Remember how you felt in the moment that little jewelry box opened up and you first saw your diamond engagement ring. Experience that joy and excitement all over again during your wedding ceremony with The Diamond, from Heirloom Hourglass. New for 2010, this incredible handcrafted gemstone hourglass brings the wedding unity sand ceremony to another level of beauty, prestige, and elegance. The bases of The Diamond are cut from real genuine quartz crystal. This captivating natural stone displays a translucent crystalline structure, and the surface is hand polished to achieve a smooth, reflective finish. You may choose to have your Diamond hourglass set in either platinum finish or gold finish to match your engagement ring or wedding rings. The Diamond set in platinum finish comes with a solid pewter heart closure on one side and our solid pewter Two Hearts Become One closure on the other side. The Diamond set in gold finish comes with 24 carat gold plated solid pewter heart shaped closures on both sides of the hourglass. These closures allow you to easily open and close your hourglass from either side, so you can fill it with colored sands or your own real beach sands from anywhere in the world. We offer many additional closure designs and a wide range of engraving and personalizing options as well. The Diamond is approximately 9 and 3/4  inches in height and approximately 5 and 1/2 inches around. To view the additional photos of these incredible Heirloom Hourglass designs Click Here Create the perfect wedding unity ceremony by choosing from our wide range of Heirloom Hourglass Unity Sand Ceremony packages, and over 135 colors of sand. A kit for collecting real beach sand is included in the prices of this hourglass. This unique sand ceremony hourglass is the perfect addition to a wedding unity sand ceremony, family unity ceremony, or vow renewal ceremony. It is the perfect alternative to the unity candle for an outdoor wedding sand ceremony, destination beach wedding sand ceremony, or an inside wedding where a candle cannot be lit.  It also makes the perfect heartfelt gift for any occasion.

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