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Heirloom Hourglass - The Natural Wedding - FAST SHIPPING

Capture the Moment, Preserve Your Memories, and Create an Heirloom with The Natural Wedding from Heirloom Hourglass. FAST SHIPPING MODEL This model is handcrafted from solid hardwood bases and rope shaped pillars and left unfinished. Your hourglass can be filled from one side with beach sands, colored sand, or soil from anywhere in the world that holds a special meaning to you. You can fill your hourglass with colored sand to represent your families, to symbolize your birthstones, or to match Your Wedding colors. The Natural Wedding is completed with a pewter seashell closure on one side and sealed on the other side. This unique sand ceremony hourglass is the perfect addition to a wedding unity sand ceremony, family unity sand ceremony, or vow renewal ceremony. It is the perfect alternative to the unity candle for an outdoor wedding, destination wedding, or inside when a candle cannot be lit. It also makes thee perfect heartfelt gift for any occasion.New Fast Shipping Hourglass Model

The Natural Wedding Hourglass model is available on short notice - ships within 1-2 weeks. Please add a note on the order with the date you need to receive it by. If you also order engraving, the lead time will be slightly longer.

Because of your purchase, we make a donation to a good cause - charitable or environmental. We alternate between our list of organizations and have a monthly default organization where donations go. For more information, please see the Camaraderie page of the website.  

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