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Heirloom Hourglass LLC believes that everyone can help preserve our environmental even if only in small ways. If everyone pitches in, we can keep our planet a great place to live for all of us and future generations. At Heirloom Hourglass, we implement the following programs to do our part. We are always looking for suggestions on improving - if you would like to share your eco friendly ideas with us, please email us anytime at Hello@heirloomHourGlass.com  We are all in this effort together! 

We have recently implemented a new online digital flip catalog which can be veiwed on our home page. The catalog allows you to flip through and see our products just as you would a printed catalog, but is much better for the environment. We have estimated that for every 5000 catalogs that we are not printing, 49 trees stay in the forest ( supplying enough oxygen for 29 people ), 29,257 Gallons of water are saved ( enough for 836 showers ), 48,790,000 BTUs of electricity are not used ( enough to power the average American household for 458 days ), 6,377 Pounds of greenhouse gases are not emmitted ( This represents the carbon emmissions that would be sequestered by 74 tree seedlings grown for 10 years ), 3,237 Pounds of solid waste are not produced ( 112 - 32 Gallon garbage cans of waste ), and 201 Pounds of waterbourne waste is not produced!

All of our packaging material used at Heirloom Hourglass LLC is recycled and/or biodegradeable. Our boxes are unbleached Kraft and out Jute Collection Kits are 100% Burlap. We have selected all of these options due to their minimal impact on the environment.

Heirloom Hourglass LLC offers a program we call Camaraderie where we give back to others with the help of our customers. For every Hourglass we sell, a small donation is made to the Charity or Environmental Organization of the Customer's Choice! For more information on this program, please see our Camaraderie Page! 

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