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Product Details, Features, and Inspiration



Product Details and Features

Heirloom Hourglass Sizes:

Each of our Standard Wedding and Special Occasion Hourglasses stand approximately 9 and 5/8 inches tall and the bases are 6 inches in diameter. These models can be opened and closed for filling from either side of the hourglass. Our Sand Collector & Travel Souvenir models stand 6 and 1/2 inches tall and the bases are 3 and 5/8 inches in diameter, and they are fillable from one side only. These smaller models are not intended for Sand Ceremonies. Each of our Time Defined Wedding and Special Occasion models are approximately 12 inches in height and are 7 and 1/2 inches in diameter. Each of these models can only be used with the colored ballotini provided.
Collection Kits and Personalization Books:
Every Standard Size and Sand Collector Size Heirloom Hourglass comes with a Collection Kit which includes: a small carry bag, a sand collection cup, a strainer, a sand collection bag, a paper funnel, a certified authentic numbered personalization book, and a complete set of easy to use instructions. This kit is perfect for gathering your sands or soils and filling your Heirloom Hourglass. Each Time Defined model comes with a certified authentic numbered personalization book and complete instructions for filling. For Sand ceremonies we offer a hand blown glass funnel for purchase alon or as part of a Sand Ceremony Package.
Collect Sand, Screen Sand, Fill Your Hourglass, Seal with closures.
It's that easy to Create An Heirloom.
Every model comes with a Collection Kit that includes everything you need.
Heirloom Hourglass Offers Over 100 Beautiful Designs To Select From.
For Complete Descriptions of each Model, Please Go To Shop Online.
Our Wedding and Special Occasion Designs are perfect for use in the Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony and they compliment any decor. Our additions include new models that are perfect for Birthday, Anniversary, Newborn Baby, Graduation Gifts, or Gifts For Any Occasion! Many new personalization options also now available.
Creating the perfect sand ceremony set or personalized keepsake gift package is easy: just select your hourglass design, choose the closure design you want for each side , add engraving and personalizaion options, select any beach or colored sands and unity ceremony package you need, and you are done. Don't forget to complete your wedding ceremony package or gift ensemble with our beautiful gift card that is personalized with your message and handlettered in calligraphy! We ship to any location worldwide.
Within every collection kit is an individually numbered personalization book that includes a certificate of authenticity. This book is included so you can write notes about the story of your Heirloom Hourglass and the contents you place within it, and then display it beside your hourglass so others can enjoy the unique personal meaning and symbolism your Heirloom Hourglass holds for you. When you record notes in your book, you can document things like the names, dates, events, and places your sands are symbolic of.
Heirloom Hourglass Materials:
Every Heirloom Hourglass is handcrafted with care from beautiful combinations of the finest, highest quality, hand-selected materials. It is our privilege to create a work of art just for you to preserve your fondest memories with, display in your home, and pass down through generations of your family. Great care and painstaking attention to detail are what you can expect from Heirloom Hourglass, and you will see this in the materials we use. From the elegant curves of our signature rope pillars, to the beautiful glow of rare hardwoods and classic granites, to the timeless beauty of our fine pewter closure designs, we select materials to inspire you and that will only increase in value. Please note that certain woods, granite, oceanstone, gemstone, and marble vary slightly in lightness, darkness, or pattern due to variations in authentic materials. No two pieces are exactly the same. There are commonly imperfections that can be found that are made by nature and part of what makes all natural materials so unique and beautiful. There may occasional knots in the wood, veining, natural "rust", and surface variation in the gemstones, granite, and marble. Please keep in mind that your order is custom hand made and may vary slightly from the image shown on the website. Items are not returnable for defects in natural materials.
Design Inspiration
At Heirloom Hourglass, we are inspired by the importance of the once in a lifetime moments we all experience as we go through life, the simple things that are woven within the fabric of our fondest memories, and the natural elements of our surroundings that enhance it all. When you browse through the many Heirloom Hourglass designs and read their descriptions, we hope you’ll see what we see – the romance of a sunset, the majesty of the oceans, the comfort of a hearth or campfire, the possibilities that a sunrise brings, the ambiance of a moonlit evening, the delicate warmth of candlelight, the bond of wedding vows, or the fond memories of a vacation full of sandy shores and warm breezes. As your sands pass through your Heirloom Hourglass, we hope you’ll be taken back to moments like these, and that we’ve helped you to capture those moments in a way like no other, preserve the memories, and create an heirloom that endures for generations as a symbol of your fondest memories!

6 Original Heirloom Hourglass Models



From Left To Right: The Newport, The Caladesi, The Paradise, The Pacifica, The Hanalei, The Hampton

6 Original Heirloom Hourglass Models


 From Left To Right: The Hampton, The Hanalei, The Paradise, The Newport, The Pacifica, The Caladesi

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