Heirloom Hourglass 

 Sand Collector, Travel Souvenir, & Vacation Keepsake Hourglasses

Heirloom Hourglass offers a series of small fillable hourglasses just for sand collecting!

Sand is an elemental symbol and component of our natural environment. For many people, sand is associated with the vast expanse of desert plains, tropical beaches, island shores, and shifting dunes. From the great pyramids of Egypt, to the beaches of Hawaii, to the historic locations of the Holy Land, sand is a common thread that is fundamental to the mystery, majesty, and wonder of our experience with these places. Collecting sand is an ideal way for anyone to create a kind of connection with ancient cultures, history, science, and the natural beauty of the earth. Sand collecting is also a great way to preserve your memories from the moments created by a once in a lifetime vacation, or by a relaxing day at the beach with family and friends. Heirloom Hourglass has created a special series of fillable hourglasses just for Sand Collecting and for creating meaningful Travel Souvenirs and Vacation Keepsakes. Whether you’re trading sand specimens with someone from across the world, or creating a keepsake from your favorite local beach, an hourglass is a great way for you to store and display your treasure. The hourglass has great historical significance, and has been seen throughout the centuries as a symbol of nautical splendor and as a symbol of the passage of time. Fill your Heirloom Hourglass with sands from a place of personal significance, and create a beautiful symbol of its history, culture, nature, and the meaning it all has to you!

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Heirloom Hourglass Sand Collector & Travel Souvenir Hourglass Series

"The Beach"
The Beach Sand Collector Hourglass
Heirloom Hourglass

Heirloom Hourglass offers four different fillable hourglasses in our Sand Collector & Travel Souvenir Series. These are smaller versions of our standard hourglass, and they are all approximately 6 ½” in height and 3 5/8” around.

"The Lighthouse"
Heirloom Hourglass

They are easily fillable from one side of the hourglass, and a collection kit is included with each one that contains everything needed for gathering sand, straining sand if desired, and filling your hourglass. An individually numbered story book comes in each collection kit for recording facts and information about your sand.

"The Sandcastle"
Heirloom Hourglass

Each hourglass in this series holds approximately 2 ounces of sand. We offer a variety of custom closures to choose from, and you can add an engraved personalization plate to the non-fillable side of your hourglass for a great finishing touch. These hourglasses make unique travel souvenirs, vacation keepsakes, and are the perfect vessel for storing and displaying a prized sand specimen in your collection.

"The Dunes"
The Dunes Sand Collector Hourglass
Heirloom Hourglass

They are also ideal for unique gift giving, Wedding favors, and many more creative purposes.
Create a unique travel souvenir, gift, or vacation keepsake by filling an Heirloom Hourglass with sand from your next vacation!
***These hourglasses are not recommended for sand ceremonies***


Sand Collector & Traveler Resources

Whether you are just starting a sand collection with one specimen, you have been collecting for years, or you would like to create a meaningful and personal souvenir keepsake from your travels, we hope you’ll find our fillable Heirloom Hourglasses to be a great way to store and display your treasured sands! The following is some general information, resources, and lists of great places for vacationing and sand collecting, and we hope you’ll contact us with your thoughts and input about these and other resources.

The following websites are great sources of information about Sand Collecting, the science behind sand, and trading sand specimens:
(to go to any of these websites, please copy and paste the address into your address bar)

www.sandcollectors.org - Home of the International Sand Collector’s Society – a great source of information. They offer starter kits, a newsletter, and a very informative and educational website. Start here to get involved!

paccd.cc.ca.us/instadmn/physcidv/geol_dp/dndougla/SAND/SANDHP.htm - HUGE collection of great sand specimen photos from all over the world in the Virtual Sand Collection. You have to visit this page – the collection is unbelievable.

- Great collection, place to trade sands, and find people around the world to trade sand with.

- A very thorough site with lots of good advice and information about sand and sand collecting

Popular Beach Destinations of the World

Start a new tradition and bring a little sand home in an Heirloom Hourglass from your vacations to these and other great beaches!

Matira Beach - Bora Bora, Copacabana - Brazil, Whitehaven Beach - Australia, Caladesi Island - Florida, Surfer's Paradise - Australia, Negril - Jamaica, South Beach - Florida, Natadola Beach - Fiji, Boracay - Philippines, Tenerife - Canary Islands, Phi Phi - Thailand, Paradise Beach - Mykonos,  Tulum Beach - Mexico, Grace Bay - Caribbean, Plage Malendure - Guadeloupe, Clifton Beach - South Africa, St. Tropez - France, Lanikai Beach - Hawaii, Biarritz Beach - France, Trunk Bay Beach - St. John - Virgin Islands, Sanibel Island - Florida, Poipu Beach - Hawaii, Catalina Island - California, Corfu - Greece, Maldives, Main Beach - East Hampton - Long Island - New York, Seychelles, Petit St. Vincent - Grenadines, Natadola Beach - Fiji Islands, Myrtle Beach - South Carolina, Ocracoke - Outer Banks North Carolina, Daytona Beach - Florida, South Padre Island - Texas                                                             




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World’s Largest Sand Island

Fraser Island, located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia, is the world’s largest sand island. It is also home to the world’s largest coastal dune system, and the freshwater lakes on Fraser Island contain water that is among the cleanest in the world. Fraser Island is a perfect place for nature lovers, sand collectors, and travelers to visit.

Fraser Island Information:







Start a desert sand collection and learn all about these deserts and their history. Imagine your sands from The Sahara and other deserts of the world flowing through a beautifully crafted Heirloom Hourglass! Listed By Ranking, Name, and Location.

1  - Sahara -  Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, 2 -Arabian Desert -  Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen, 3  - Gobi Desert -  Mongolia and China, 4 - Patagonian Desert  - Argentina and Chile, 5  - Great Victoria Desert  -  Australia, 6 -  Great Basin Desert -  United States, 7  - Chihuahuan Desert -    Mexico and United States, 8  - Great Sandy Desert  - Australia, 9  - Karakum Desert  -  Turkmenistan, 10 -  Sonoran Desert  -  Mexico and United States, 11 -  Kyzyl Kum  - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, 12  - Taklamakan Desert  -  People’s Republic of China, 13 Kalahari Desert -  Angola,

Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, 14 - Kavir Desert  - Iran, 15 - Syrian Desert  -  Syria, Jordan and Iraq, 16 - Thar Desert - India and Pakistan, 17 - Gibson Desert - Australia, 18 - Simpson Desert - Australia, 19 - Atacama Desert - Chile, 20  -Namib Desert  - Namibia and Angola, 21  - Mojave Desert -  United States

Note: Antarctica is technically the world’s largest desert by definition, based upon the average amount of rainfall. Source: wikipedia.org

Singing Sand Dunes of the World

There are about 35 sand dunes around the world that actually produce sounds described as “singing” and “booming” that occur when one walks along the crescent of the dune causing slides, or at times when wind passes over the dune. Scientists have studied this phenomenon for decades, and there is still some controversy over exactly why these singing, booming, or roaring sounds happen. Here is a partial list of great places to collect “singing sands” and store them in your Heirloom Hourglass:

Sand Mountain - Nevada,  Dunes of Oman, Whistling Sands - Wales, Kelso Dunes - California,   Eureka Dunes - California,  Booming Dunes - Africa, Indiana Dunes - Indiana,  Mar de Dunas - Chile, Ghord Lahmar - Morocco                                                           

Largest Sand Dunes of the World

Badain Jaran Dunes - Gobi Desert - China

Big Daddy / Dune 7 - Namib Desert - Namibia

Mount Tempest - Brisbane - Australia

Star Dune - Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve - Colorado, USA

Dune of Pyla - Aquitaine - France             

Sand & Soil Collecting: Unique Specimen Destinations

Create a unique heirloom by collecting sand or soil from the world’s natural and historic places and filling your Heirloom Hourglass with it. Some people fill many hourglasses with individual specimens, and others fill one with many sands or soils from meaningful places. The following are some popular ideas:

Rare / Unique Sands:   Star Shaped Sand - Tonga, Red, Black, & Green Sand - Hawaii        

Religious:  Sea of Galilee, Mt. Sinai
  Omaha Beach - France, Yorktown Beach - Virginia
Rivers:  Nile River, Mississippi River, Potomac River

  Crater Lake - Oregon, Lake Baikal - Siberia, Lake Superior - USA / Canada   

Wonders:  Egyptian Pyramids, Great Wall of China, The Sphinx, The Grand Canyon,   Stonehenge

   Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls    
Mountains:   Rockies, Himalayas, Andes, Alps  

Lighthouses:  Cape Elizabeth, Cape Hatteras, Cabo Branco, Alexandria, Kopu

World’s Popular Surf Breaks

Whether you’re an avid surfer or you just like to enjoy a day at the beach, you can create a unique souvenir by filling an Heirloom Hourglass with sands from the world’s legendary surf breaks.


Pipeline - Hawaii, Waikiki - Hawaii,  Teahupoo - Tahiti, Papara Beach - Tahiti, Lance’s Right -Indonesia, Grajagan - Indonesia, Tavarua - Fiji, Superbank - Australia, Surfer’s Paradise - Australia,  Raglan - New Zealand, Jeffreys Bay - S. Africa, Mundaka - Espana, Cloud Nine - Philipines,  Honolua Bay - Maui,  Backdoor - Hawaii,  Trestles - California - USA,  Huntington Beach - USA , Cape Hatteras- North Carolina - USA ,  Hossegor - France, Restaurants -Fiji, Nias -Indonesia,Uluwatu -Indonesia, Mavericks - USA, Puerto Escondido - Mexico, Kandahar Beach -Mexico, Sunset Beach - Hawaii,  Lakey Peak - Sumbawa, Ma’alaea - Maui, Bingin - Bali-Indonesia, Bells Beach -Australia, Pampa - Ireland, Todos Santos - Mexico, Padang - Padang,  Margaret River - Australia, Periscopes - Indonesia,  Thurso - Scotland,  Corners - Tonga, Sultan’s -Maldives, The Pass - Australia, Waimea Bay - Hawaii, Arugam By - Sri Lanka,  Santa Catalina - Panama, Isla Ensenada - Panama,  Pavones - Costa Rica,  Tamarindo - Costa Rica, Pasta Point - Maldives, Buzios - Brazil, Lennox Head - Australia, Hebara Beach - Chiba-Japan, Puertecillo - Chile,  St.Leu - Reunion Island, Praia do Campeche - Brazil, Macaronis - Mentawais, Blacks Beach - San Diego, Malibu Beach - Malibu, Duranbah - Australia, Capbreton - France, Coconuts - Samoa, La Santa - Canary Islands, Fistral Bach - England, Lanzarote - Canary Islands, Coco Beach - Florida, Sebastian Inlet - Florida,  

Santa Cruz - California



Check out these great sites for information on many other popular surf breaks around the world.





New York Times Top 53 Travel Destinations for 2008:








It is important to note that some beaches, parks, and public and private locations have regulations concerning the removal of sand and other items. We encourage you to always be aware of and observe all laws and regulations regarding the collection and removal of sand, shells, soil etc from all public and private places. Heirloom Hourglass assumes no responsibility for your actions or any penalties arising from them.

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