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10 Year Anniversary 2017

All Heirloom Hourglasses are Proudly Handmade in the United States in limited quantities and are handcrafted per order. Please allow 2-10 weeks for standard production plus shipping time.

Custom orders, Engraved orders, and certain Hourglass models require a longer time for production and can exceed this standard production time estimate. 

Holidays and Busy Seasons: Please allow additional time for production and shipping during peak seasons, such as Wedding Season, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.   

*****If you need to receive your order within a short time frame, please let us know at the time you place your order (by adding a note on the order with the event date) so we can accommodate your deadline.   

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Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglasses

Heirloom Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglasses

Time is Measures in Moments. Capture the Moments, Preserve Your Memories, Create an Heirloom. bring Your Once in a Lifetime Home. Each Wedding Hourglass stands approximately 9 and 3/4" tall and is approximately 6" wide. They come empty to be filled sand  of special meaning, such as sands from Your Wedding Day, Special Occasion, or Travels. Click on any Hourglass image for a larger detailed view. Every hourglass comes with a collection kit that includes a paper funnel and paper sand pourers. Ceremony Packages with glass or seashell items also available for purchase separately. Heirloom Hourglass is the perfect choice for Your Destination Beach Wedding, Church Wedding, Outdoor Wedding or Indoor Wedding where a Unity Candle will not stay lit or cannot be lit, Family Unity Ceremony, Vow Renewal Ceremony, or for an Anniversary, Engagement, Birthday, Retirement, Graduation, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentine's Day gift, or any special occasion.

  Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Packages & Accessories

Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Packages & Accessories

Rapidly becoming the most sought after Unity Ceremony in Weddings everywhere! All packages include the Unity Sand Ceremony wording with your names printed on your choice of over 20 papers, hand blown glass funnel, glass sand holders or seashells perfect for filling your Hourglass! Family, Vow Renewal, and Custom Ceremonies Also Available! Items also available for purchase separately. **Hourglasses not included in packages - must be purchased separately**

Engraving Options & Custom Closures

Engraving Options & Custom Closures

Many personalization and customization options including Hourglass Base Engraving, Engraved Heart closures, Personalized Wine Glasses & Champagne Flutes, Pewter Glassware, Hand Lettered Greeting Cards and more. Large selection of custom closures also available. All Hourglasses come standard with solid pewter, rose gold, or gold closures included in the price. Other closures are available on All full size models so you can design, personalize, and customize your Hourglass to fit your tastes. 

  Wedding Sand Ceremony Sand - Colored and Beach

Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Sand - Colored and Beach Sand

Over 130 Sands To Select From- including Shimmering Sands (Sparkles in the Light) and Real Beach Sand. Find sands that match your Wedding Colors, Birthstone, Anniversary Gemstone, favorite flower, school colors, colors that symbolize your Families, or to match your décor. Please note that there is a $50 order minimum for sand only orders when an hourglass is not alos purchased. There is no minimum if an hourglass is also ordered.

Wedding Favors, Accessories, Bridal Party Gifts
Wedding Favors, Accessories, Bridal Party Gifts, Jewelry, and more
Wedding Accessories including Beach Theme Wedding items, Bridal Party Gifts, Sea Shell Jewelry Boxes, Photo Frames, Beach Seashell Wedding Albums, Flower Girl Baskets, Ring Bearer Ring Carrier, Pewter Gifts,  Jewelry, and more.
  Sand Collector and Travel Souvenir Hourglasses

Sand Collector and Travel Souvenir Hourglass Collection 

These models were designed for Sand Collectors looking for a great way to display their favorite specimen and Travelers searching for the ideal souvenir. These small versions can be filled with real beach sand from one side, stand  approximately 6 and ½” high and are 3 and 5/8” wide, come with a collection kit for filling , and hold appr. 2 ounces of sand. *These size hourglasses are not recommended for use in Unity Sand Ceremonies*

Large Timed and Untimed Hourglasses - 12 inch
12" Large Size Timed and Untimed Models. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
The models in this category are all fillable and come either Timed or Untimed. This larger size is perfect for graduation ceremonies, large family ceremonies, or any event where you have multiple participants filling it. These models measure approximately 12" tall and is 7 and 1/2" wide. The Timed models are for use only with colored heirloom ballotini crystals and are pre timed to run for an hour. They can also be pre timed for a different specified time by request. They are not for use with regular beach sand or colored sand. The Untimed models can be filled with whatever you like including real beach sand or colored sand.
  Timed Wedding & Special Occasion Hourglasses

Timed Fillable Heirloom Hourglass models - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Models found in this section come empty and can only be filled with Heirloom Crystals also found in this section, not for use with beach sand or craft sand. These models are pre timed to run for an hour and come empty so you can fill the hourglass during Your Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony or other Special Occasion. Timed Fillable Heirloom Hourglass models are designed to run for 60 minutes, and can also be calibrated to run for other predetermined times by request. Click on any Hourglass image for a larger detailed view. 


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