Heirloom Hourglass 

Tips For Use:


  • The paper scoop is ideal for collecting small amounts of dry sand, loose soil, and small shells or pebbles. It is not intended to be used for scooping hard-packed sand, soil, heavy items, or sharp items.
  • When using the plastic collection bag for transporting sand and other items you collect, fill the bag about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way full. Before sealing the bag, press out the remaining air for best results. If you are packing the bag with sand in it in a suitcase for travel, fold over the empty part and pack it safely so it does not open and spread sand throughout your luggage!
  • Use the jute drawstring beach bag for carrying small shells, pebbles, and other items separately from your sand or soil. The jute bag and plastic bag can be reused over and over, and we encourage the reuse of all materials.
  • Straining the sand or soil and filling the hourglass: for best results, strain only dry sand, soil, and other materials. If your sand is damp, take it out of the bag, spread it out on a flat surface or in a flat container and allow it time to dry out. Grind up clumps of sand or soil to get them down to fine, individual particles, and allow to dry. Open one end of your hourglass and keep the other closed. Place the hourglass on a flat surface so the open end is up. Place the small end of the paper funnel in the opening of your hourglass and place the strainer in the funnel with the screen side down. Carefully pour your sand using the paper scoop provided or another means through the strainer and into your hourglass through the paper funnel. You can also strain the sand first and then fill your hourglass using the paper funnel included. The strainer is specially sized to only allow particles through that will flow through the middle of your hourglass. Sometimes, thin pieces of driftwood or other materials may make it though the holes in the strainer. If this happens, and they clog the middle hourglass hole, free them with the pipe cleaner included. Screen the sand or soil again, or simply remove the troublesome particle. For best results, screen sand twice before pouring it into your hourglass. Please use caution when screening and pouring sand or ballotini to prevent getting into eyes, nose, etc. Wash hands thoroughly and clean any spilled sandor ballotini when finished.
  • Use of Heirloom Hourglass with shells and other items available for purchase on our website: Not all of these items will flow through your hourglass – they are all marked accordingly. The shape of the particle plays a significant role in its ability to clog your hourglass – some shapes may pass through the strainer with shaking, but will gather together and form a “dam” inside your hourglass that will clog the middle hole. Mixing lightweight, multi-shaped particles heavier, round shaped particles like sand will yield good results. Experimenting with various materials will help you determine what flows through your hourglass the best. Plain sand is ideal.
  • Measuring Time: For your Heirloom Hourglass to measure time, you must screen the sand or material with the strainer included. The amount of time your hourglass measures will depend on the material and the amount of material you fill it with. Fill it, then time it once and you will know. Out Time Defined models all come with enough colored ballotini to run for an hour.
  • Filling the hourglass without screening the material first: you may want to fill your hourglass with larger particle size sand or soil, and you may want to include shells or pebbles. It may not matter to you if the material you collect flows through the center hole of your hourglass or not. If this is the case, add the desired amount of materials to one side of your hourglass, and then seal that side with the closure. Turn your hourglass over and fill the other side with the desired amount, and then close that side with the other closure. The beauty of Heirloom Hourglass is that it does not matter if the sand flows through the center hole – you can fill it with whatever you wish to mark your memories!
  • Never over-tighten the closures – this may cause damage. We do not warranty the hourglass against damage due to over tightening of the closures. Your Heirloom Hourglass is very durable, but care in handling and use are important.
  • Personalize your gift book by including as much information as possible about your hourglass and its contents. Your Heirloom Hourglass will be passed on for many generations, and those who see it after you will want to know its story. Include information like the date and place you collected the contents. If it is a gift, use the book to tell the recipient about the significance of the contents, the place, the occasion, and the contents. Use the rope provided to tie the story book to your hourglass, or simply place the book beside your hourglass for display. This book is numbered and it authenticates your Heirloom Hourglass – keep it safe.
  • To personalize your hourglass, please visit the Shop Online page to order engraved metal plates that you can apply to various locations of your hourglass. Call our customer service department at 315-845-1628 or Email us at Hello@HeirloomHourGlass.com if you need assistance.

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