Heirloom Hourglass 


Give your sweetheart a unique Valentine’s Day gift!




Heirloom Hourglass makes custom hourglasses you can fill with your own real beach sand or colored sand! These beautiful hourglasses combined with your choice of sands create a very meaningful and touching personalized Valentines’ Day keepsake. Surprise the special person in your life with the romantic gift of a handcrafted hourglass that you filled with sand that came from the first beach you went to as a couple. Or use sands from any location that has a special meaning to you and your sweetheart. We also offer a wide range of colored sands – fill your Valentine hourglass with red shimmer sand, or choose a colored sand from our collection that matches your sweetheart’s Birthstone!


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Heirloom Hourglass is the ideal for a Valentine's Day Wedding, Valentine’s Day gift, Sweetest Day Gift, or romantic gift for any occasion that calls for something unique and heartfelt. All of the hourglasses in this collection are handmade from materials of the finest quality. We use solid hardwood rope shaped pillars, and the two strands that make up the rope are intended to symbolize the intertwining of two people’s lives created by their relationship. The bases of the hourglasses are made from a variety of hardwoods or our proprietary Oceanstone material. Heirloom Hourglass can be easily opened, filled with sand, and closed from either end by turning the custom pewter or gold plated closures. We offer a wide variety of these closures that you can select from including ship wheels, hearts, anchors, and birthstone ship wheels. If you are looking for an engraved Valentine’s Day gift, or personalized Valentine’s Day gift, you can customize your Valentine’s Day hourglass with an engraved plate, or have the pewter heart closures engraved for an added personal touch. Every Heirloom Hourglass comes with a collection kit that contains everything needed for collecting your sand and filling your hourglass. The collection kit also contains an individually numbered gift book that certifies the authenticity of your Heirloom Hourglass, and has space for you to write a note to your sweetheart that tells him or her about their hourglass and the sands and love you filled it with!

There are over 100 models to select from. Here are just a few. Please click on any image for full product details.

The Honeymoon
Curly Cherry, Maple

The Bouquet
Violetta Granite, Maple

The True Love
Shivakashi Pink Granite, Cherry

The Promise
Rosa Porino Granite, Mahogany

The Candlelight
White Marble Oceanstone, Oak

The Keepsake
Curly Maple, Cherry

The Chivalry
Vermont Soapstone, Cherry

The Bordeaux
Garnet Oceanstone, Pewter

The Sunrise
Curly Maple, Mahogany

The Forever After
Bianco Sardo Granite, Maple

The Romance
Blue Pearl Granite, Mahogany

The Heart Stone
Rose Quartz, Pewter

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