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All pictures are actual photographs of Couples using an Heirloom Hourglass during their Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony. Thank you to everyone that has submitted photos. If you would like us to include your photos, please email them to us at Hello@HeirloomHourGlass.com



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The Diamond in Platinum Heirloom Hourglass in a Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony in Old Bridge, New Jersey

The Diamond in Platinum Sand Ceremony Hourglass #wedding hourglass unity sand ceremony #unityceremony #sandceremony

Thank you for the fabulous memory that we will always have to cherish from our wedding day. The Hourglass is an amazing keepsake and well worth every penny. I am so lucky I stumbled upon the hourglass. I have attached a photo for you guys to use if you'd like on your site. I know it is long over due We got married on August 6th, 2011. Thank you again and for future memories and events I will be sure to come back and make a little collection as well as pass on this opportunity that everyone should have. - Charles and Nina 

Sand Ceremony Charles and Nina

Picture below is from The Vow Renewal Ceremony of Sharon and Al from Rhode Island- Hourglass shown is The Newport 

Hourglass Vow Renewal Unity Sand Ceremony

We love it! It looks great on our console table in the living room too! We got married on Ft. Myers Beach.  We live here year round.

We are recommending Heirloom Hourglass to everyone that we know! Thanks for the outstanding customer service! 

It was like a breath of fresh air to know that there are still quality companies out there!  Thanks again! 

~ Angie & Bill ~ Ft. Myers, FL

  Sand Ceremony Fort Myers, Florida           Fort Myers, Florida Sand Ceremony           Heirloom Hourglass Unity Sand Ceremony  

                    The Hourglass Sand Ceremony was a HUGE hit. everyone is still talking about it.

~ Tony and Tina,  Married in Las Vegas on November 7, 2009

Hourglass Sand Ceremony in Las Vegas Unity Sand Ceremony in Las Vegas Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony in Las Vegas 


Our Vow Renewal took place in Playa Señoritas in Lima, Peru on December 19, 2009. Our guests were impressed with the Hourglass they have never seen in a sand ceremony. We were very happy to see how we combined the sand from our mother’s land with our children’s. Now we brought it home along with great memories of the perfect day. Thank you for the happiest moments of our lives that we will always remember.  Rossana & Mauricio 
The Wedding Day Hourglass    Family Unity Ceremony


The Following Pictures Are From A Cruise Ship Wedding.
The Hourglass Being Used In The Ceremony Is The Aquarius.
Many Thanks To Amy & Don!
Cruise Ship Sand Ceremony  Cruise Ship Sand Ceremony  Cruise Ship Sand Ceremony
Cruise Ship Sand Ceremony Cruise Ship Sand CeremonyCruise Ship Sand Ceremony


It has being 2 years and a few months since we got married. We had the sand ceremony done after the signing or the registrar. We still remember it as if it just happened. Our guests were amazed!!! They have seen the sand ceremony before however they have never seen the hour glass. This made our wedding one of a kind in our little Caribbean island. Thank you!!! I maybe a few years late however attached are pictures of our sand ceremony. Every now and then my husband and I would take it out and turn it over and remember our wedding day!! Thank you for making it possible!! - Blessings from Travis and Amiah - Antigua Island - Antigua and Barbuda - Caribbean Islands - The Caladesi Model Hourglass 

Carribean Wedding Unity Sand CeremonyCarribean Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Carribean Wedding Unity Sand Ceremonyny 

Carribean Wedding Unity Sand CeremonyCarribean Wedding Unity Sand CeremonyAntiqua Island Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony

  Our hourglass is perfect! We customized The Lakesider with pewter leaf closures for our fall wedding! Would definitely recommend Heirloom Hourglass!

- Alicia & Scott - Nashville, TN - October, 2010 Wedding

The Lakesider Sand Ceremony Hourglass by Heirloom Hourglass     Hourglass Unity Sand Ceremony in Nashville, TN


Heirloom Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony in Raleigh, North Carolina - October, 2010 - The Newport Model Hourglass

Hourglass Sand Ceremony in Raleigh, NC  The Newport Hourglass in Raleigh, NC Wedding


My husband and I just got back from India after celebrating our wonderful union and we wanted to thank you for making it possible with your beautiful hourglass. We had placed our order in early December and had written to you frantically when we realized that we may not have been able to receive it in time before our trip to India. You were so very helpful and cooperative in changing the delivery address. We are very grateful for that and would like to thank you for your kindness and great business. You came highly recommended to us and we look forward to telling many more people about your products! Attached is a picture of our recent union made very possible by your company's hourglass and sand!
Thank you very much  ~ Suparna & Daniel ~ Albany, CA

 Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony In India

My son’s wedding was on Aug 10, 2008.  He and his lovely bride used one of your beautiful hourglasses to symbolize their union.  It was a touching ceremony and now they have an exquisite symbol of their marriage.  I have included photos of their sand ceremony and a gorgeous photo of their hourglass in the sunset of their wedding day.  Thanks so much for providing the perfect vessel for the demonstration of their love and life together. - The Aegean - Clint & Krystal ~ Daphne, AL

 Daphne, Alabama Wedding Unity Sand CeremonyThe Aegean Sand Ceremony Hourglass at Wedding in Daphne, AlabamaThe Aegean Sand Ceremony Hourglass


To The Makers Of Heirloom Hourglass -

We Have Celebrated Our Wedding In August This Year Abd One Of Your Hourglasses Was Part Of The Ceremony. It Felt So Symbolic & Made Us Feel Very Emotional Pouring The Sand In Jointly. The Hourglass Is Beautiful And Is Such A Lovely memory Of Our Special Day. Thank You So Much.

Best Wishes ~ Angela & Rik ~ Cheshire, UK


Cheshire, UK Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Photos 

The Following 5 Photos Are From A Beautiful Wedding In Arizona! Shown In Picture 1 Is The Bride, The Wedding Officiant (Who Also Is The Mother Of The Bride), And The Groom. The Hourglass Shown Is The Caladesi Model.  Picture 2 Is Of The Bride With Her Parents Combining Their Own Sand With Hers (What A Great Way To Represent The Family Bond!)  Picture 3 Is Of The Groom And His Parents Combining Their Sand To Represent Their Family! Picture 4 Shows The Bride And Her Family And The Groom And His Family! Picture 5 Shows The Bride And Groom Combining Their Sand To Represent The Start Of Their New Life Together!


Arizona Wedding Photos  Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony at Wedding in Arizona  Family Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony 

Family Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony in Arizona      Outdoor Wedding in Arizona 



Heirloom Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Set Up. Islander Model Hourglass Shown With 2 Glass Sand Holders
and Hand Blown Glass Funnel. Bride, Groom, and Wedding Officiant During Actual Unity Ceremony Using Islander Model Heirloom Hourglass.


Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Photos From Canadian Couple Married in FloridaThe Islander Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony HourglassWedding Unity Sand Ceremony Photos From  Couple From Canada Married in Florida


The Following Pictures Are From A Florida Beach Wedding That Unfortunately Took Place During A Storm, But They Still Had A Great Time!
Once Again Pictured Is The Islander Model Heirloom Hourglass!
Rainy Day Florida Beach Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Rainy Day Florida Beach Wedding Family Unity Sand Ceremony


Vermont Teddy Bear Bride and Groom Bears


Heirloom Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony
Vermont Teddy Bear Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony
Vermont Teddy Bear Bride and Groom Bears


Heirloom Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Logo - Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island, The Bahamas 

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