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irloom Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass TM
 The O
riginal Wedding Hourglass TM
Time is Measured in Moments... 
Capture The Moments, Preserve Your Memories, Create an Heirloom 
during Your Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony on Your Wedding Day. 
 Bring Your Once In A Lifetime Home.
Every Heirloom Hourglass Unity Sand Hourglass is Proudly Handcrafted in The USA
and comes Fully Assembled, Ready to Fill With Your Memories. 
All You Need is an Heirloom Hourglass, Sand, and Each Other. 

Family trips to the beach, Oceanside Weddings, Resort and Hotel Vacations, Caribbean cruises, Spring break at the beach, Anniversaries.
These are special times spent with family and friends that we
cherish and long to hold on to. Capture these unique moments in your life and preserve the memories for generations to come  with a beautiful hourglass that you can fill and personalize. The Unity Hourglass Exclusive Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony is the perfect compliment to any Beach Wedding or Church Wedding.

It also makes a great Wedding Gift, Engagement or Honeymoon Gift, Wedding Party Gift, Anniversary Gift, or Personalized Gift For Any Occasion.

If you are searching for sand ceremony sets or sand ceremony wording, then you have found the most romantic and meaningful anywhere.

At Heirloom Hourglass, we are inspired by the importance of the once in a lifetime moments we all experience as we go through life, the simple things that are woven within the fabric of our fondest memories, and the natural elements of our surroundings that enhance it all. When you browse through the many Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass designs and read their descriptions, we hope you will see what we see – the overwhelming Love on Your Wedding Day, the romance of a sunset, the majesty of the oceans, the comfort of a hearth or campfire, the possibilities that a sunrise brings, the ambiance of a moonlit evening, the delicate warmth of candlelight, the bond of wedding vows, or the fond memories of a vacation full of sandy shores and warm breezes. As your sands pass through your Heirloom Hourglass, we hope you will be taken back to moments like these, and that we have helped you to capture those moments in a way like no other, preserve the memories, and create an heirloom that endures for generations as a symbol of your fondest memories.

The Valentine Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass

The Valentine Hourglass at a Destination Beach Wedding Sand Ceremony



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The Original Wedding Hourglass - Proudly Handmade in The USA - Arrives to You Fully Assembled

Ready to Fill With Your Memories - No Assembly, No Mess, No Apoxy Needed!  

The Natural Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass
The Natural Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass $96.99 in Poplar or Oak  

10 Year Anniversary 2017
We are Celebrating 10 YEARS with 

Current Top Selling Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglasses 

                                                 The Wedding Day White   BUY NOW                                             
The Wedding Day in White Unity Hourglass
 The Legacy     BUY NOW 
The Legacy Walnut Sand Ceremony Hourglass 
The Paradise Wedding     BUY NOW
The Paradise Beach Wedding Hourglass
 The Adirondack Wedding    BUY NOW
The Adirondack Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass
                                        The Newport Wedding  BUY NOW                                      
 The Newport Beach Wedding Hourglass 
The Aegean Wedding    BUY NOW 
The Aegean Wedding Hourglass
 The Vintage Wedding     BUY NOW
The Vintage Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass
 The Wedding Day  Black   BUY NOW
    The Wedding Day in Black Unity Ceremony Hourglass   
                                                     The Caladesi Wedding    BUY NOW                                              
  The Caladesi Beach Wedding Hourglass
    The Constellation    BUY NOW    
  The Constellation Vow Renewal Unity Sand Timer
       The White Wedding    BUY NOW     
  The White Wedding Sand Ceremony Hourglass
     The Hanalei       BUY NOW
  The Hanalei Family Unity Ceremony Hourglass

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The patent pending design allows you to easily fill your hourglass with real sand, small shells, or other treasures from that special beach on the ocean or a lake, from the top of a mountain on a Once In A Lifetime hike, from the first shovel of earth from the groundbreaking of your new home or business, or from an exclusive golf course you have never been to before. Each comes with a collection kit and a gift book that is individually numbered and contains a certificate of authenticity. You can use  your story book to enter names, dates, locations, or whatever you choose so your treasure can take you back to those moments for years to come. This book has plenty of space for you to write the story of your hourglass and its contents. Imagine having a beautifully crafted hourglass you filled with sand from the beach you went to when you first saw the ocean. What better way to capture and preserve the moments from a beach wedding, romantic island getaway, or a family trip to the ocean or a lake. Imagine giving your spouse the anniversary gift of a custom hourglass you filled with sand from the first beach you visited as husband and wife, or from the location you are vacationing at for your anniversary. Our beautiful sand ceremony sets and sand ceremony wording will add a deeply meaninful and touching addition to your Wedding Celebration. They are the perfect alternative to a Unity Candle for an Outdoor wedding or Indoor Wedding when a Unity Candle cannot be lit. Our exclusive Wedding Unity Ceremony is quickly becoming a part of weddings everywhere, and we ship around the world. 

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Now Offering The Largest Selection Of Colored Sand On The Web. Over 132 Colors Available. Match Any Dress Color, Any Birthstone, Any Anniversary Gemstone. Still Can't Find Your Exact Color, Send Us A Sample And We Will Match It.

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Family Unity Sand Ceremony

Vow Renewal Unity Sand Ceremony

With Heirloom Hourglass, you can collect sand and small treasures from your travels & display them in a special place in your home or office. What a fine way to mark special occasions and preserve the moment to be shared and passed on over the years. From spring break to family vacations & events to corporate and homeowner gifts. Heirloom Hourglass is a truly special way to save your Once In A Lifetime experiences.
Hourglasses have been used since ancient times and are captivating pieces of art. We honor this tradition & heritage with an hourglass design inspired by the sea and crafted with care and quality. From the fine pewter closures on each end to the nautical rope molding pillars, Oceanstone, Granite, Marble, or Rare Hardwood bases, and fine finishes used. This is a piece you will want to collect and display. Our website contains ideal accessories for gift giving and Weddings including colored sand and our exclusive Hourglass Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony, and more to come. Personalize an engraved plate to apply to your hourglass for that special finishing touch. 
We make a small donation for each Hourglass sold through our website at retail price to a charitable or environmental organization. Please see our Camaraderie page for more information.  The keepsakes are perfect for use in the Hourglass Wedding Sand Unity Ceremony or For A Wedding, Engagement, Honeymoon, Graduation, Anniversary, or Wedding Party Gift, Beach or Church Wedding Gift, or a Personalized Gift For Any Occasion. Thank you for visiting and please stop back often. There will be many variations to  come.

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